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The Challenge
Car Rental is the poor relation in online travel.
A large percentage of online travel players are happy to bolt in an outsourced blunt white label or basic API car solution and tick the car rental box in their travel product suite. The customer travel and product requirements are often ignored. The plug in and bugger off solutions are spread across thousands of travel players.
This presents the consumer with an appalling vista – the same car rental offering to every consumer through every white label everywhere. The days of mass market APIs and white labels are over. Welcome to the world’s first intelligent car rental distribution platform. Swiftfleet.
Our range of products takes your car rental offering to a new level – offering your customer and your business a quantifiable advantage:
› higher revenue return
› higher product conversion on car and core
› higher customer satisfaction
› higher customer loyalty
› higher repeat customers
› 100% differentiation from the pack
› unique value offers to your customers
The powerful Swiftfleet algorithm utilises multi-channel persona data (CRM, booking history, current core product booking profiles, email campaign returns etc) to create a real time predictive tailored car rental offering through unique private label and intelligent cross sell, packaging and bundling. A unique car rental offering for every customer every time.

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