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Swiftlabel offers our clients a 100% tailorable white label solution for desktop, mobile and tablet. Our product team advise on the best booking flow to suit our clients’ needs, brand guidelines and marketing strategy.
Critically, however, we allow our clients to determine which car rental brands, price points and supply strategy are utilised to best meet their consumers’ needs.
Swiftsell is the world’s first intelligent car rental cross sell product. Car rental cross sell today is a blunt instrument. It’s a poor generic, oftentimes offering an irrelevant car type, price bracket or spec and damaging the core brand of the travel player utilising it. Car rental cross sell has to enhance core brand value, offer unique and tailored offers to not only convert the car product but to enhance and improve the conversion of the travel player’s core product.
The customer needs to be inspired. This happens only through one-to-one marketing. Every consumer gets a tailored offering every time. Welcome to Swiftsell.

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